Voyage of the Nightingale

The chronicle of the final voyage of the medical relief ship GSC Nightingale.

Newcomer’s Brief

In 2213, the medical relief ship GSC Nightingale launched its 11th voyage to the end of the solar system and back.
Unbeknownst to those on board, it was also its final voyage.


A medical-themed space opera web serial updating whenever I have the time to write!


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January 13, 2016

Welcome to the science fiction serial, Voyage of the Nightingale. Thanks for joining me here!

I’m a nursing student, so most of the medical jargon I use in this story is straight out of my textbooks (or from good old Dr. Google). However, I am still learning, so if you catch any errors, I’d love to have them brought to my attention!

Being a nursing student also means I have, um, zero free time. I’m in my final semester of my school’s ASN program, so it’s crunch time. This means a lot of my extracurriculars have been put on ice–and this story was one of them. But I’m still here, and still dreaming, and still planning on finishing this story!

This is set 200 years in the future, so obviously some of the medical technology will be wrung from my frazzled imagination. I try to base most of it off actual medical science, though.

I love love love feedback, so please don’t be shy. I’m especially curious to know about how readers feel about my characters, and how they think the plot is going. Nothing here is pre-written, so reader feedback helps me shape the story.

All of the writing here is original content and is my property, so if you reuse anything anywhere, please link back to this blog!

Here’s a link for if you’re interested in following me on tumblr. This serial is listed on the Web Fiction Guide!

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Well, that’s all from me. Again, welcome, and thanks for stopping by! ^_^


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