Voyage of the Nightingale

The chronicle of the final voyage of the medical relief ship GSC Nightingale.


Paulina Grey, MD

An unflappable trauma surgeon, Dr. Grey is uncharacteristically warm and kind. She always has a smile ready for everyone. The only way to get on her bad side is to intentionally mistreat patients.

Marie Bauer, PhD, RN, CNM

Although she could assume a Doctor title, Marie Bauer will always prefer the moniker “Nurse Bauer.” She began her nursing career as a midwife, and has delivered over a thousand babies in her lifetime. As chief midwife on Ganymede Station, she developed a reputation for brusqueness but great success, and women sought her out for prenatal care despite her prickly bedside manner.

Victor Baranov, MD

A lifelong germophobe, Dr. Baranov turned his phobia into his profession when he decided to specialize in infectious disease. Never without his trusty bottle of hand sanitizer, Dr. Baranov exhibits OCD-like behaviors when it comes to germs. Ironically, he’s the faculty member who is sick the most often.

Natalie Delacroix, CRNA

Natalie is a nurse anesthetist, and she hasn’t done much to develop an effective bedside manner. Unapologetically crass, she is the faculty’s repository of dirty jokes and foul language. She’s developed a friendship with the ship’s First Mate that mostly revolves around alcohol and being mean to one another.

Athelstan George, RN, MSN

Athelstan is descended from Vikings, a lineage not hard to imagine if you’ve ever seen him. Tall, thick, and hairy, Athelstan resembles a grizzly bear in scrubs. Most people assume he spent his life as a prison nurse, and all of those people are surprised to learn that Athelstan’s only nursing station has been as a pediatric oncology nurse. When his youngest brother died from leukemia despite Athelstan’s best efforts, he took a position on the Nightingale to get away from constant reminders of his most profound failure.


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