Voyage of the Nightingale

The chronicle of the final voyage of the medical relief ship GSC Nightingale.


Lucy Hernandez
Nursing (USA: Mexico)

A nursing student who lucked into a spot on the Nightingale. Mexico’s Second War of Independence with the People’s American Republic has been raging for as long as Lucy can remember. Her goal is to achieve a nursing license on the Nightingale and then help her country recover from its unending guerrilla war.

Daryush Golshenas
Medical (Iran)

The son of two surgeons. He’s following in their footsteps even though he would much rather go into a different field of medicine.

Sarah Llewellyn
Medical (Wales)

Hypercompetitive and very condescending to everyone she perceives as not up to her standards. She develops an animosity toward Jack off the bat, due to Scotland’s mid-21st Century break from Britain and Wales. Sarah’s biggest problem is deciding who she hates more: Lucy or Jack.

Emma Allred
Nursing (USA: Utah)

Study-crazy and grade-obsessed, but very cheerful and bubbly. She can’t wait to be everyone’s friend and form a study group. Emma suffers from the inability to screen her thoughts. Anything she thinks, she then says.

Stacy Weber
Nursing (Australia)

Stacy is the youngest son of renowned neurologist Doctor Paul Weber, and when he told his dad he wanted to be a nurse, the good doctor nearly had an aneurysm. Stacy has been effectively cut off from his family until he comes to his senses, a fate that doesn’t really bother him much.

Jack MacDonald
Nursing (Scotland)

Jack has been a prison guard since he graduated high school. Fed up with that life, he’s seeking a career in nursing so he can have what he perceives to be a more constructive role in society.

Benjamin Winters
Medical (USA: Connecticut)

Benjamin wasn’t the best student during his undergraduate, but his wealthy, well-connected parents took care of that. But a fake 4.0 GPA won’t get him very far on the Nightingale; past the asteroid belt, no one cares how much money your father has.

Ali Ng
Medical (Singapore)

Ali’s father left when ze was a toddler, leaving Ali’s mother to do all the child rearing while trying to make a living. Ali grew up poor but never went without the essentials; ze always had a meal even if it meant zir mother didn’t. Ali’s drive in life is to give zir mother a life that doesn’t require her to work or worry about finances.


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